Rise Again — Julia Ecklar (Cassette edition)


Experience the magic of a young Julia Ecklar singing to a small, intimate audience — packaged as a 1980s Off Centaur-styled cassette.



You can’t go back in time and experience a young Julia Ecklar performing filk for a small convention audience ever again. So we’ve created the next best thing — a time capsule packaged in an Off Centaur-inspired cassette.

Using rediscovered tapes originally recorded by Art “Boots” Coleman — and meticulously restored and remastered from the original analog by Phil Klum — we’ve brought for you the energy, the fun, and the magic of Julia’s performances from the early era of filk. 

This cassette tape features Julia during her prime performing years at the Darkover Grand Council convention in 1988 and 1991.

We’re lucky to have had Don Simpson (illustrator for many Off Centaur tapes, including Julia’s) provide the packaging design.

Song List

  1. The Dark Is Rising (lyrics by Susan Cooper, adapted by Julia Ecklar; music by Julia Ecklar) 
  2. Man of Red (Kathy Mar)
  3. Superman Sex Life Boogie (Tom Smith) [EXPLICIT]
  4. Hellraiser (Tom Smith)
  5. Flowers for Algernon (Kathy Mar)
  6. The Hand Of God (Julia Ecklar)
  7. The Grandfather Clock (Frank Hayes/trad.) [EXPLICIT]
  8. Temperature of Revenge (Lyrics by Tom Smith; music by Julia Ecklar)
  9. Starship Unity (Anne Passovoy/trad.)
  10. Houseguests (Larry Warner)
  11. Harry’s Dilemma (Larry Warner)
  12. Bold Marauder (Richard Fariña)
  13. The Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rogers)


  • This is the cassette version. You will also receive the full digital download in your choice of MP3 or FLAC (audiophile grade).

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