Welcome to Prometheus Music

(aka: my 24-year filk hobby)

Hi! I’m Eli. I started Prometheus Music back in 1997.

At the time, I was an exchange student in Japan — young and idealistic. I wanted to start a label that would create more of the “filk” (science-fiction folk) recordings that I loved. I wanted to see more albums that were ambitious, even audacious. 

And I wanted filk to be something that more people would easily discover. Something played on the radio (we didn’t exactly have Spotify or YouTube back then!), and heard by millions of people.

I was lucky to meet other people — particularly producers Kristoph Klover and Michael Moricz — who were open to giving it a shot.

And even 25 years later, we’re still supporting a community of talented musicians and creative folks, making filk recordings that we love happen.

And thank you for being a part of it.