Divine Intervention – Julia Ecklar


The long-awaited digital edition of John W. Campbell award-winning author Julia Ecklar’s legendary filk album.

Digital download only. (CDs are all sold out.)

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The year was 1986. The singer was only twenty-two, but since childhood she had been captivated by the worlds of wonder and imagination that she discovered in fantasy and science fiction.

Later, she would become a John W. Campbell award-winning writer of science fiction stories and novels, but for now she poured all her imagination and creativity into crafting songs that combined haunting beauty with a sweeping narrative style.

The result was Divine Intervention, an album that shattered the boundaries of science fiction and music with delicate orchestral and pulse-pounding rock settings of Julia Ecklar’s song-stories.

This remastered edition of Divine Intervention combines the original album tracks — polished and re-mastered under the supervision of producer Michael Moricz — plus fourteen minutes of new and previously unavailable tracks.


Song List

  1. Overture
  2. Ladyhawke!
  3. Crimson and Crystal
  4. Burnish Me Bright
  5. Apocalypse
  6. Survivor’s Song
  7. Terminus Est
  8. Fallen Angel
  9. Temper of Revenge
  10. Crane Dance
  11. One Man Magical Show
  12. Silver
  13. The Hand of God
  14. Lullaby for a Weary World
  15. Temper of Revenge (bonus instrumental mix)
  16. Lullaby for a Weary World (bonus instrumental mix)
  17. Roxanne (bonus track)

Download the full album/lyric booklet.

“The music still runs through my head at odd moments, and some of it I can sing.”
Larry Niven

“How come such a gifted writer also gets to have such a beautiful voice? Wonderful songs and great backup in a brilliantly produced album.”
David Brin

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Digital download only


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