Indistinguishable from Magic — Julia Ecklar


Experience a magical evening of Julia Ecklar, performing for the San Francisco Bay Area filk community.

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Back in 1998, Julia flew out to California to record tracks for “Roundworm” and “To Touch the Stars”.

While in town, she gave a rare concert at the Palo Alto Unitarian Universalist church. Roughly 80 members of the San Francisco Bay Area filk community attended. The late Jordin Kare served as master of ceremonies.

This 46-minute album captures 9 of her best songs from that event — including a rare live performance of “The Horsetamer’s Daughter”.

Your digital download includes both 320K MP3 and FLAC (audiophile-grade) files.

Cover art: Lee Moyer
Sound engineering: Kristoph Klover



  1. Introduction (Jordin Kare)
  2. Roxanne
  3. Shai Hulud (by Kathy Mar)
  4. Which Way
  5. Prima Donna Training (Interlude)
  6. The Eternal Flame (lyrics by Bob Kanefsky, parodying “God Lives on Terra”)
  7. Witnesses’ Waltz (by Leslie Fish)
  8. Troll Hall (lyrics by Leslie Fish)
  9. Doppelgänger (by Kathy Mar)
  10. Bloodchild (by Joey Shoji)
  11. No Embellishments (Interlude)
  12. The Horsetamer’s Daughter (by Leslie Fish, performed with Kristoph Klover)

You’ll also receive 6 bonus songs that won’t go on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube: Fellowship Going South, Challenge, I Think Bluegrass Sucks, Ladybug, Ladyhawke!, and The Troll King’s Dream. These are for fans who want the “complete” experience — warts and all.


We never made “official” CDs of this album. However, you can purchase “print on demand” CDs from us (made by Kunaki.)

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