Traveller — Julia Ecklar


One microphone, one guitar, one voice.

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One microphone, one guitar, one voice

Forty years ago, Julia Ecklar and a handful of dedicated friends gathered for a day of intimate recording in one of their homes.

This album features 17 of Julia’s rarest and earliest works, recorded in her teenage years. We’ve reprinted this one by popular request from her most fervent fans. You’ll also get a PDF copy of the Traveller Songbook.

Nobody was a professional when this album was recorded; please listen to a few tracks, and make sure you know what you’re buying before adding it to your cart.


Song List

1. The Traveller
2. Song for Petiron
3. Tribbles
4. The Spaceman’s Prayer
5. A Last Evening’s Dream
6. Gambler’s Lament
7. Eulogy
8. The Light That Died
9. Homecoming
10. The Purple & Orange Conspiracy
11. Brekke’s Lament
12. When Love is Lost
13. He’s Dead, Jim
14. Song to a Stranded Warrior: A Memorial
15. Christmastime in Sector 5
16. Ballad to a Spaceman
17. Traveller, Part II: Thoughts of a Homeless Alien

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