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Leslie Fish's Filksongs

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Leslie Fish is one of the best-known and most loved authors of filksongs, the music of science-fiction fans. Around 1991, Mary Creasey converted several dozen of her songs into ASCII format, and has generously allowed me to convert these into HTML and put them onto the web.

You can also hear rare, not-yet-published performances of Leslie's songs, performed both by herself and by filk legend Julia Ecklar, on the Virtual Filksing.

While Leslie Fish doesn't presently have a songbook out, a number of her songs are contained in the Westerfilk Collection songbook, available from Random Factors. (You can also learn more about The Fish from a way cool autobiographical letter that she has granted permission to include on-line.)

Finally, you can find Leslie Fish's cat stories at Kay Shapero's site.

Leslie, and her publishers, Random Factors, are allowing these lyrics and chords to her music to be included here for your enjoyment.

Amateur Rebels

The Anarchist Waltz

Black Powder and Alcohol

Brother Christian

Chickasaw Mountain

Desolation Valley

Down to the Dark Stars

Eyes of Eagles

Fellowship Going South

Few Days

The Immortality Stomp

The Mind of the Beast

Minnie the Freak

Mount Tam

New Sins for Old

The Paper Sea

Rise Up, Bright Sun

Picking Up Stones

Skybound Blues

The Wheel

Teacher, Teacher

The Tribble is a Fuzzy Beast

Voice upon the Water

    Please note that all of Leslie Fish's songs are copyrighted by Leslie Fish and Random Factors, and that they retain all legal rights to them.