Black Powder and Alcohol

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Publisher's warning: Many people are finding this page by searching for 
instructions to make black powder; you haven't found that here. The 
below lyrics are provided for entertainment purposes only. Don't be 
stupid and try to follow them and blow yourself up.

(A) - C - G - D - E (2x)

  Black powder and alcohol,
  When the states and the cities fall,
        G                  E
  When your back is against the wall;
  Black powder and alcohol.

 Gimme charcoal to the measure two:
 Send the bullet where you want it to.
 Gimme sulphur to the measure three:
 Make the powder gonna keep you free.
  G                E
 Gimme saltpetre, measure fifteen:
 Sweetest shooting that you've ever seen!  (chorus)

 Gimme water, yeast, and veggie-trash:
 Leave it sitting in the slurry-mash.
 When it's ready, put it in the still:
 If you can't heat it, then the sunlight will.
 Draw the alcohol away, and then
 Put the slurry back, and start again!  (chorus)

 Booze'll clean your cuts, or run your car.
 You can make it anywhere you are.
 Black powder in your cartridge shell
 Will send the robbers running clean to Hell.
 You can make them if you just know how.
 So kids, remember what I tell you now!  (chorus & repeat

                                    (c) 9/1/85 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors