Chickasaw Mountain

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Am             C           D               E
High up on the mountain of Chickasaw, they say,
                      E7           Am              E
There's one patch of darkness that never yields to day;
Am             F  C     G          Am   G
Deep are those shadows, old as the mountain,
F            G          E                  F  G   Am
Something is waiting in there; call on her if you dare!
Am      F Dm  G        E      Am               G       E
Seek no level of God or devil; she's something older by far,
               E7             Am     E7   Am
Call her "Lady Of the Morning Star".

She offers two bargains. The price is steep and dark;
The one takes your life, and the other leaves a mark.
If there's a third one, I've never heard one,
Choose for yourself, what's the fee?
Nothing she gives is free!
Name your goal--she won't ask your soul--
     she might even give you her own--
And maybe you'd be better off alone!

My old fellow rebel: I know what deal he made;
The Power rang through every song he wrote and played;
Made him the best of his generation,
Sang to the end of the War--and not a moment more.
Then it left him. The Power bereft him,
 left him but one fate to see--
Hanging on his sister's apple tree.

Forgive my old buddy, who soon forgot my name;
I chose not to follow his seven years of fame.
He took the high road, I take the low road,
Sing second place, but sing long--
  and have always one more song!
Take your stars and give me my scars,
 I'd rather live long and be free--
So take his cup the hell away from me!

Whoever has wisdom can guess what lies unsaid
The cost of the Gift to the living and the dead;
Still, if you feel you'll gain by the deal,
You'll play with the old Morning Star--no need to travel far.
Don't just count on Chickasaw Mountain
     if there's a Deal meant for you
Any wild place on Earth will do.

(c) Leslie Fish and Random Factors