Desolation Valley

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 Darling, let me in.  It's only me.
 We've got to talk of how our lives will be.
 I've found us two ways out of here,
        G                   Em
 But I don't know which is right.
      G                     D                G
 Sweetheart, you've got to help me choose tonight. (cho)

        F                                    G
  I only know our love's worth fighting for,
              F           C                             D
  Though living isn't easy, and freedom takes much more.
            G                  E
  But while we've got each other,
               C               D
  There's some way we can find
                     F          C            G
  To leave this Desolation Valley far behind.

 We can't just be good victims anymore;
 The Law won't leave us anything but poor.
 So do we both go Underground,
 That Paper Game to play,
 Or head for empty country far away?  (cho)

 We could get false IDs and play the games
 Of phoney numbers, addresses, and names.
 We could dodge The Law and make
 A decent living, too,
 But darling, is that what you want to do?  (cho)]

  (Instrumental break)

 Country living's hard, and land ain't cheap.
 Lose one crop and we're in trouble deep.
 We'd have to barter, make, or grow
 Everything we'd own,
 But there, at least, we might be left alone.  (cho)

                  (c) Copyright 8/9/88 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors