Eyes of Eagles

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  D     (C          D)             C               G
  Grind, children, grind; from the world we left behind
          D                      A
  We have won gems enough to be free.
  D     (C          D)               C              G
  Grind, children, grind; though the work was never kind,
              D           A             (G) D
  Through the Eyes of the Eagles, we shall see!  (2 beats)

        D                           G              D
 Lowly sand, snowly sand, from the beaches of the land;
 Melt it down in the potterer's fire.
            D                            G
 Flux and blow, make it glow, 'til like water it shall flow.
          D          A         D
 Let it flow to the form we desire!  (cho)

 Pour it bold in the mold.  Let it slowly take the cold
 'Til a clear coin of crystal it lies.
 Now by feel, strong as steel, grind it on the sanded wheel,
 'Til its shape mirrors clear eagles' eyes.  (cho)

 Edges thin as a pin, and the center thick within,
 Domed as smooth as a raindrop can be.
 Without haste, without waste, polish clear with pumice-paste
 'Til the wonders of Earth you can see!  (cho)

 See how clear, see how near, see how great small things appear!
 Let your sight grasp the seed or the skies.
 Stack them true, two by two, and what's far shall come to you
 Call them "lenses" -- or glass Eagles' Eyes!  (cho)

                                    (c) 8/3/88 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors