Angel with a Sword — Leslie Fish


Our epic collection of lost performances by Leslie Fish, spanning concerts from 1999-2006.

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As filk listeners know, Leslie Fish is extraordinarily prolific. While many of her songs are well-known in filk circles, she’s written hundreds of songs that have never been recorded.

With Angel with a Sword, we remastered and restored as many of Leslie’s “lost” songs from the early-to-mid 2000s as we could. Most of these songs have never been heard outside of a handful of small science-fiction convention concerts.

Songs were carefully selected across hours of concert recordings from 1999-2006, and painstakingly edited/mastered to near studio-grade quality by the amazing Phillip Klum.

In addition to the 29 album and bonus tracks you’ll receive (plus spoken intro tracks), we’re also offering everyone who buys the album through our website a special bonus: the near-complete download of the ~5 hours of original concert recordings Phil used to make the album.

These full concerts include a number of both rare and familiar songs we were unable to fit onto the album.

Sound recordings by Gerry Tyra and Scott Dorsey. We’re also lucky to again have illustration and packaging design by brilliant Dutch artist Tineke Lemmens.

All purchases (CD or digital) include immediate 320K MP3 and FLAC (audiophile-grade) album downloads.



  1. The Squatter
  2. Four Tall Trees
  3. The Roc
  4. Angel With a Sword
  5. The Bilk Run
  6. The Unwinding
  7. Threes, Rev 1.1 (lyrics by Duane Elms)
  8. Navy Grey Paint
  9. War No More
  10. Cheap Weapons (music by Julia Ecklar)
  11. Free Fire Zone (by Garry Siler)
  12. Second Home
  13. First Enterprise
  14. Night Falls over Babylon
  15. Brother Michael’s Song (by Mac Carson)
  16. The Burning Tent
  17. Seven Days at War
  18. The End of the Raven (lyrics by Henry Beard)
  19. Dinosaur Cookies (digital-only bonus track)
  20. Price of the Stars (digital-only bonus track)
  21. Kitten on the Moon (digital-only bonus track)
  22. Virgin Mouse (digital-only bonus track)
  23. Since the Civil War (digital-only bonus track)
  24. Brother Michael’s Song (alternate performance; digital-only bonus track)
  25. Black Powder & Alcohol (digital-only bonus track)
  26. Bones (digital-only bonus track)
  27. The Engineer’s Hymn (digital-only bonus track)
  28. A General Summary (digital-only bonus track)
  29. Blood & Black Leather (digital-only bonus track)

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