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To Touch the Stars: A Musical Celebration of Space Exploration
65 minutes
$15.97 CD + MP3 / $9.97 MP3-only

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A Musical Celebration of Space Exploration!

"... I am thrilled by this new collection of original songs celebrating the beginnings of our great endeavor to reach for the stars."
Buzz Aldrin

The first-ever anthology CD of songs celebrating human space exploration, brought to you in partnership with the Mars Society and the National Space Society.

If you've ever teared up at a space shuttle launch — or dreamed about stepping foot on Mars — you'll laugh, cry, and be inspired by these sixteen songs celebrating the rocketing history of human spaceflight.

Even legendary Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin was moved to tears on national television by Fire in the Sky, recorded for this album. (Hear it for yourself!)

Included in this collection is Pioneers of Mars, awarded first place in the Mars Society's Rouget de Lisle songwriting competition. NASA honored it as wake-up music for the Opportunity Mars rover, on sol 20 of its mission.

Listen to this Album

Song Title (Lead Vocalist) Download MP3
1. Witnesses’ Waltz (Kristoph Klover)


2. Big Blue Sky (Stan Clardy)  
3. Fire in the Sky (Kristoph Klover) MP3
4. Now’s the Time to Touch a Star (Karl Franzen)  
5. Hope Eyrie (Julia Ecklar) MP3
6. Surprise! (Gunnar Madsen) MP3
7. The Pioneers of Mars (Karen Linsley)  
8. If We Had No Moon (Christine Lavin)  
9. I Want to Go To Mars (The Birdwatchers)  
10. Star Fire (Julia Ecklar)  
11. Others Standing By (Kristoph Klover) MP3
12. The Challenge (Karen Linsley)  
13. Dog on the Moon (Garry Novikoff)  
14. Queen Isabella (Kristoph Klover)  
15. Legends (Julia Ecklar) MP3
16. Dance on the Ceiling (Gunnar Madsen)  

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