My Favorite Sings — Kathy Mar


Our first album (from 1999), featuring Kathy Mar. Includes her spine-tingling performance of Merlin, as aired on folk radio programs worldwide.

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My Favorite Sings collects Kathy’s most-requested performances of other artists’ filk and folk songs. These songs loosely center around the themes of fantasy and spirituality.


Song List

  1. Flowering Green (by Kat Eggleston)
  2. The 20th Century is Almost Over (by Steve Goodman)
  3. Santa Monica Pier (by Christine Lavin)
  4. Everybody’s Moon (by Howard Kranz)
  5. Merlin (by Doug McArthur)
  6. Shapeshifter (by Charlene MacKay)
  7. No Such Thing (by Zander Nyrond)
  8. New Life (by Nate Bucklin)
  9. Rise Up (by Zander Nyrond)
  10. Song of the Ripper (by Jane Robinson)
  11. Dirty Movie (by Steve Stajich)
  12. Daughters and Sons (by Tommy Sands)
  13. Child’s Song (by Murray McLaughlin)
  14. Water, Fire and Smoke (by Betsy Rose)
  15. The Word of God (by Catherine Faber)
  16. A Healing in this Night (by Bob Franke)  

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