One Last Battle – Vic Tyler


Posthumous tracks from our unfinished space shanty album w/Vic Tyler.

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This is the first project we are genuinely heartbroken to release.

In 2022, we started a space shanty album with Vic Tyler (Carmen Miranda’s Ghost), produced by Ben Lange. Midway through that project, we lost Vic in November of 2023. 

While most of the work on that album is a complete loss, Ben and I have decided to release two of Vic’s in-progress tracks posthumously for his fans. Because the final vocals were never recorded, these tracks contain Vic’s scratch vocals — guide vocals recorded as a placeholder for instrumentalists during production. We hope these unfinished tracks give a taste of the album we were seeking to make.

This project contains:

  1. One Last Battle (by Bill Roper)
  2. One Last Battle — instrumental mix
  3. Bomber (by Duane Elms)
  4. Bomber — instrumental mix

Special thanks to Aleksandar Ivic for the illustration, and Tineke Lemmens for the typography. Mastering by Phil Klum.

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