Dawson’s Christian – Vic Tyler


Our modern re-imagining of the filk classic, Dawson’s Christian — and Vic Tyler’s return to filk recording after 34 years!

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If you listen to filk, you already know what “Dawson’s Christian” is. Written in the late 1980s by Duane Elms — and first recorded in the studio by Vic Tyler — this space ballad is a gripping science-fiction tale told in a 5 minute folk song.

We’re thrilled to share this re-envisioning of Vic’s classic filk recording, produced and engineered by Ben Lange.

You’ll receive 6 tracks in total:

  1. Dawson’s Christian
  2. Dawson’s Christian (Retro Filk Mix – featuring Kristoph Klover)
  3. Dawson’s Christian (“Clarinet” Concept Mix)
  4. Dawson’s Christian (“Accordion” Concept Mix)
  5. Dawson’s Christian (“Clarinet” Concept Mix, No Vocals)
  6. Dawson’s Christian (“Accordion” Concept Mix, No Vocals)

This digital download-only EP is the first from a bigger space shanty project we’re taking on with Vic Tyler and Ben. 

Special thanks to Aleksandar Ivic for the illustration, and Tineke Lemmens for the typography.

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