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This year, I couldn't attend Musicon 4, the South's most excellent (and only) filk con. Too many cons, too little money, too many classes this semester. However, I didn't spend my weekend pining over missing the con. After reading oodles of Information Superhighway hype, I decided I would, instead, try a virtual con! Thus, since Spencer Love and Gary McGath came from Boston, and crashed at my place (after they got out of the van) for a night, I got the tapes for FilKONtario 1993, and in the comfort of my own bedroom, attended my first Virtual Con!

The trip to the con was great. All I did was climb up my staircase, and the hotel room was already reserved for me. What a deal! The maid service, however, sucked, so I didn't leave them a tip. <Heh heh.> And there wasn't even a single problem with the elevators! The membership was a total steal, too, although the con suite could have been better, unfortunately.

The programming started Friday morning at midnight, sortof, as soon as Gary and Spencer fell asleep. (They had a real con to attend, and left Friday at 9:45 AM). All I had to do was push the magic "play" button, and my Virtual Con Experience began.

I was surprised to discover that I had attended this con. Thus, I even was able to experience my own performances without having to strum a single guitar string or open my mouth! I played my songs easily and effortlessly! Unfortunately, they didn't sound any better than when I sang them the first time. Bummer. I guess you can't have everything.

One of the other advantages of a Virtual Con Experience is that there is no filkhogging!. At a virtual con, filkhogs magically disappear at the push of a button, namely the one labeled "Fast Forward". I am trying to develop a means of implementing this functionality in a real con. While various shotguns and stun beams have been considered for feasibility, they appear to be sadly in violation of most conventions' weapons policies.

But, seriously, I hear Musicon was a blast, and I will definitely try to attend next year. I look forward to hearing real con reviews from people, especially since I'll be experiencing the con virtually tomorrow night in Spencer's living room. ;)