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Rather than get a social life, I've been producing a bunch of filk projects for Wail Songs, while simultaneously running Prometheus Music, a new filk publishing company dedicated to creating the best filk anthology albums ever published.

Projects I've completed over the past few years:

  • My Favorite Sings (Kathy Mar, Prometheus Music, 1999) Publisher.
  • Dreamflights. (Best of Musicon 1993, Wail Songs, 1998) Producer.
  • Slightly OVFF Track. (Best of OVFF 1995, Wail Songs, 1997) Producer.
  • Westerfilk 1. (Second Edition, Wail Songs, 1996) Typesetter and producer.

Status of remaining projects I've been producing for Wail Songs:
  • Consonance '94. Just waiting for a competed cover illustration...
  • OVFF '92. Now in the Jeff Rogers Engineering Queue.
  • FilKONtario '93. This one is waiting for someone to have time to engineer it.
  • Get OVFF: The Beaten Tracks (working title for the OVFF 1993 & 1994 tape). Song choices & permissions have been finished for several years; we're just waiting for the DA-88 masters from Love Song Productions, which taped the convention for Wail Songs.
  • Consonance '93/'96. Not going anywhere until the four projects before it ship. :)

    Last Updated: 6/22/99