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To Touch the Stars

A musical celebration of space exploration! This Buzz Aldrin-endorsed anthology collection is sure to appeal to anyone who appreciates original songwriting and is inspired by the exploration of space.

Divine Intervention — Julia Ecklar

The long-awaited CD edition of the legendary science-fiction music album by New York Times best-selling author Julia Ecklar (of Star Trek writing duo L.A. Graf). Includes 14 minutes of all-new bonus material.

Divine Intervention (limited edition T-shirt)

Celebrate the CD release of Divine Intervention with this full-color, limited edition T-shirt featuring the Divine Intervention cover illustration. Available in sizes L through 4XL while supplies last.
Roundworm — Parodies by Bob Kanefsky

A "filk" parody lover's wet dream! Led by Julia Ecklar and Heather Alexander, this award-winning album features Bob Kanefsky's choiciest parodies, including Nobody's Moggy Lands. Widely regarded as one of the best-produced albums of its genre.
My Favorite Sings — Kathy Mar

First new album in a decade by "filk" veteran Kathy Mar. Includes her spine-tingling performance of Merlin, as aired on folk radio programs worldwide.

Indistinguishable from Magic — Julia Ecklar

The long-awaited sequel to Julia Ecklar's Divine Intervention.

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