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Give 3 Copies To Your Friends (legally!)

While the record industry has been busy suing its customers for sharing their music with your friends, we're asking you to do it!

Prometheus invites you to legally copy Divine Intervention, To Touch the Stars and Avalon is Risen for up to 3 of your friends.

Why do we do this? Because we know you've discovered great new music through your friends. It's always been this way: from mix tapes, to CD-Rs to Peer to Peer. People fall in love with new music by hearing it from others.

What, specifically does our policy mean?

  • When you buy an album (whether a download or CD), you'll receive an MP3 download URL within 24 hours. Just forward the download URL and password we give you to up to 3 friends. Pass the download information on by e-mail, instant messenger or telepathy: whatever works for you.
  • Or just copy the MP3s directly - whatever works for you!
Why are we doing this?
  • We're really tiny, and can't afford expensive publicity. You're the experts at reaching new people who'd love our music! Why would we want to stop you?!
  • We run this hobby because we love sharing our favorite music with our friends. Why would we want to keep you from enjoying doing the same?
Aren't you worried I'll abuse this?
  • No, because you've always had the ability to copy anything you bought from us.
  • We also know that you know that every penny of your business we receive goes towards making makes new music possible by our artists — all our overhead is donated so that your money can go fully towards making albums for you.
  • You already know we'd go out of business if we lost 3 out of every 4 customers!
We're trusting you to do the right thing, and introduce new people to music that you love.

You'll feel good about it, your friends will thank you, and you'll help us bring out new CDs from Julia Ecklar and other artists we think you'll love, too.

(Thanks to John Buckman of Magnatune, from whom our own policy is adapted with permission.)