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Statement on Keepers of the Flame (Phoenyx) reprint
September 12th, 2006
(updated May 24th, 2010)

Some of you may have heard rumors that Prometheus Music has been working to reprint Phoenyx's album, Keepers of the Flame. The rumors are true, but the reprint effort regrettably was not successful.

Over the last four years our attorney (Jim Partridge) and I have spent many hours working out an agreement with the former Phoenyx band members for a reprint of this ground-breaking album. Having recorded nearly every artist on the album over the years, I know them all to be good people, and was saddened that this in-demand work was out-of-print (and selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay) while many of them still struggle financially as independent musicians.

The project would have been re-mastered and a surround-sound bonus remix of Voices of the Sea was offered by original engineer Larry the O. Prometheus offered to pay all project expenses (estimated at about $5,000) and only receive a small share of profits from any successive print run, in order to allow this project to come to fruition.

Regrettably, although we found terms acceptable to most of the band members — Mark Ungar, Cat Taylor, John Land, and Larry the O — we were unable to obtain unanimous agreement. I'm saddened, but also must respect each individual to make appropriate professional choices for their own career — even if they're not always the ones that you or I would have wished.

Unfortunately, It's become recently clear from statements made on behalf of the fifth band member that there isn't a path towards our achieving a Keepers of the Flame reprint in the future. We regret that we are no longer pursuing this effort.

To prevent rumors from circulating, I've written up what I feel to be a detailed, factual, and respectful summary of what happened and what didn't happen during this reprint effort, as well as what's possible going forward with Keepers of the Flame.

You can find it at: http://egoldberg.livejournal.com/145895.html


Eli Goldberg
Prometheus Music
(Seattle, Washington)