Horsetamer (Julia Ecklar)
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Horsetamer - Julia Ecklar
76 minutes
$15.97 CD + MP3 / $9.97 MP3-only

with MP3 download: $45.00
CD with MP3 download: $15.97
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Divine Intervention's long-awaited epic sequel!

This is Julia Ecklar - and filk - as you've never heard before.

An arsenal of celebrated symphony players. A multiple-Grammy award winning sound engineering crew. And absolutely no corner cut or expense spared.

Songs are insipred by science-fiction and fantasy works by authors including Orson Scott Card, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Susan Cooper, and Richard & Wendy Pini.

It's also our final album - and yes, we're going out with a bang on this one!

Produced by Michael Moricz. Cover artwork by Lee Moyer.

You can help support this once-in-a-generation ($45,000!) project by picking up our extra-awesome bonus reels.

And don't forget our (free) download of the Remix Tracks.

Listen to this Album

Song Title Download MP3
1. Going Back (inspired by ElfQuest) MP3
2. The Dark Is Rising (lyrics by Susan Cooper)
3. With The Trees  
4. Shai Hulud (inspired by DUNE) MP3
5. Gentle Arms of Eden
6. The Troll King's Dream (inspired by ElfQuest)
7. The Horsetamer's Daughter (inspired by Darkover)
8. Songbird (inspired by Songmaster)  
9. Ender Interlude I
10. The Battleroom (inspired by Ender's Game)
11. Ender Interlude II
12. Tin Soldier (inspired by Ender's Game)  
13. Native Son MP3
14. Elizabeth's Song
15. Cathedral