The Wheel

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      Am          F             C
  There's a wheel turning on muddy ground,
      G                    C
  Gains an inch every time it goes around.
      F                     C      G   Am
  Come on, let's make another revolution!
        C      G     F      Am    G     Am
  [*Turn, turn, turn;] turn, turn, turn.

 There are wheels that turn through all of our lives,
         F         G         Em -- E
 And we sometimes see them clear.
           Am  `C     Am                    G   Am
 When the night comes down, when the first snow falls,
         F        G           Em -- E
 We can mark the day or the year.
           F                    C
  The circle's end we can tell too easy;
             G                  Em -- E
  The beginning is hard to see.
                Am    G    Am         G    Am
  And the wheel whose seasons no-one knows
  (run)   C  (run)    G     (run)   F   G    Am
  Is the turn of the tide that can make us free.  (Cho, *2x)

 There are wheels that turn in the Natural world,
 And there's some in the heart of Man.
 Your wish moves them, your hand proves them,
 So turn them the best you can.
  When you see your wheel, you can add your shoulder
  Or wait 'til it's rolling high.
  You can slow it down or speed it around,
  But you can't make it stop, even when you die. (Cho, *3x)

 (Instrumental break, 1 verse & chorus, *3x)

 There's a wheel that's moving fast through our time
 And we've seen the track it made.
 I believe you know where it has to go
 And the way that the game is played.
  So night's come down and the turn is hidden,
  But it never stops rolling 'round.
  So lay on your hand, 'cause we're coming to land.
  Just another strong pull and we're on hard ground!

                                (c) 1977 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors