Tienanmen Lessons

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1) We come marching down the street (Sing high, sing low)
Knowing well what we will meet (Too well we know!)
Cops come up with clubs held high (Sing high, sing low)
To drag us off or watch us die (Too well we know!)

Chicago here, Kronshtadt there,
Arrogant governments everywhere,
They all lead to Tienanmen Square (too well we know.)

(Chorus lines as in first verse throughout)
2) Cops run up to make us yield,
We all crouch and lock our shields;
They beat on our tortuga wall
Until they tire and back they fall.  (cho)

3) They fall back and draw their guns
Shout their warnings, fire as one,
We brace hard our Lexan shield
The bullets bounce and fly afield.  (cho)

4) They throw tear gas here and yon,
We all have our gas masks on,
The gas blows back into their face,
They turn 'round and off they race.   (cho)

5) Now we build our barricades,
In three rows the logs are laid,
Lying, sitting, standing height,
Load our guns and wait to fight.      (cho)

6) Soldiers come to shoot and burn,
Rank on rank we fire in turn,
Mass-fire volleys clear the street.    (cho)

7) Tanks come rumbling toward us then,
Now, stand up, bazooka men;
Homemade rockets fire and flash,
Turn the tanks to burning trash!    (cho)

8) Helicopters buzzing by
The SR rockets reach that high,
Fly too high, they miss their aim;
Fly too low, go down in flame.         (cho)

9) Clubs and bullets, choppers, tanks,
You can have 'em with our thanks,
Rifle, shield and rocket load
Can give the people back their road!      (cho)

Copyright 1990 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors