Picking Up Stones

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Chorus:  Pickin' up stones, pickin' up stones
         Look who's first at pickin' up stones
         Rattlin' sabers, shakin' bones,
         Look who's pickin' up stones.

Mary Magdelene was a whore,
plied her trade from door to door
She couldn't pay the cops no more,
so they started pickin' up stones.

They grabbed her up, they dragged her down,
they had themselves another round
And then they spied the new preacher in town
and he wasn't pickin up stones!  (Chorus)

They told him, "Man, the law is plain,
we've ev'ry right for raisin' Cain,
Now will you sit there and complain,
or help us pickin' up stones?"

Jesus looked them up and down,
all those righteous folks around

He shook his head and gave a frown,
said "I'm not pickin' up stones."

He said, "Now, by the Holy Ghost,
for all your law and righteous boast
The man that's used this girl the most's
the first that's pickin' up stones."

He said, "By Heaven, it seems to me
there's no sin worse than hypocrisy
So turn her loose to come with me
and quit your pickin' up stones.

So off she went with Jesus then,
and all the town's selfrighteous men
Were left as mad as a ruffled hen,
and 'shamed of pickin' up stones.

But seems the shame didn't hold 'em long,
they went right back to the same old song
Blamin' each other for their own wrong,
and busy pickin' up stones.

So to this day they howl and cry
and point at motes in their neighbor's eye
Doing worse things on the sly,
and always pickin' up stones.

If you want to know who the sinners are,
don't nose around at the corner bar
Just look who's yelling for a Holy War
and look who's pickin' up stones.

If you want to know who the sinners be,
just watch the preachers on TV
See them yellin' at you and me,
and watch them pickin' up stones.

And to this day, they're all the same,
in Jesus', Buddha's or Allah's name
Pointin' fingers, layin' blame,
and always pickin' up stones.
(Chorus 2x)

Copyright 1988 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors