New Sins for Old

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G              C            G           D
Oh, what's the use of this looting and pillaging,
  G          C                G               D
Swinging my ray-gun through blood, guts, and gore?
 C          G           A            D
Raping and robbing and boozing grow boring;
 G             C           D      G
The life of a pirate's no fun anymore.
         G               C
 No fun anymore, no fun anymore,
          D                   D7      G
 It's only a job, it's no fun anymore.

Always the same: all the planning and ambushing,
Pouncing, attacking, and hauling away,
The whoring and boozing and passing out afterwards --
It's getting monotonous, day after day.
 Day after day, day after day,
 It's boring as Hell, fighting day after day.

I've bounced in more beds than there's hairs on my you-know-what.
I've bred enough bastards to crew my own ship.
I've never had time to stay home and raise one of 'em,
So what will I have when I've emptied my clip?
 Emptied my clip, emptied my clip,
 Who'll call me "Dad" when I've emptied my clip?

I've got an itch to go do something different:
Get a good farm and a nice buxom bride.
Raise some tall crops and a lot of fat babies.
Complacency's one sin that I've never tried!
 I've never tried, I've never tried,
 Playing Good Citizen I've never tried!

                        (c) Copyright 5/14/87 by Leslie Fish, Random Factors