The Mind of the Beast

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 Dm                    C   F  C
 How could I tell the ones I loved,
           F            C       Dm
  And left with a chance to live,
      F       Dm       C    F    C
 That I could no more keep that life
            Dm         F         A
  Than water can stand in a sieve.
      Dm                 G            A
 The scholar's world of disciplined thought,
       F         G         A
  Faith and custom and all,
       Dm     C        F   C  Dm
 Were blown away in a single day
              F          C           Dm
  By the power of a gray wolf's call.  (cho)

            Dm  C  Dm-C-Dm   C   F   C-F-C
  I've been so long ... been so long ...
       Dm      F           C           A
  Been so long in the mind of the beast
                 Dm       C             Dm
  That it's hard, so hard, to come home.

 Not out of fear, nor grief, nor pain,
  Not from disaster's fall,
 Not from hunger, nor cold, nor flight:
  I stood, and withstood, them all.
 But just one day of the wild wolf's life,
  In a mind unbounded by time,
 Called to me to come run free
  In a world I could claim for mine.  (cho)

  (Instrumental interlude, 1 verse, 1 chorus)

 How can I tell of the life I've lived
  In the years I've run since then?
 But for the touch of forgotten minds,
  I'd have never come home again!
 How did my spirit grow so pale
  That a wolf was all I could be?
 You exalt my name, but forget my shame:
  That I loved being less than me!  (cho)

                  (c) 2/1/85 by Leslie Fish, Random Factors