Down to the Dark Stars

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 Am G     C    G    Em      Am
 I don't want your plastic world:
 C   G Am G  Em     E
 Empty faces in my way,
 Am G   C         D         E
 Nylon hair that comes pre-curled --
 Am G C  G  Em  Am
 Libera me, Domine'!  (cho)

      C  G Am G  Em  E
  Libera me, Domine',
         Am  D   G-Em Am-G-Am
  De morte aeterna!

 Tell me, Father, what is Man?
 "Don't ask me, kid.  You'll know someday.
 Just take it easy as you can."
 Libera me, Domine'!  (cho)

 Where's the fire you call your soul?
 To what idols do you pray?
 Is this house your only goal?
 Libera me, Domine'!  (cho)

 Is "be clean" your only good?
 Is "be nice" all you can say?
 Is "be safe" so well understood?
 Libera me, Domine'!  (cho)

 Let me hear the hard wind scream.
 Let me see the blaze of day.
 Free me from this plastic dream!
 Libera me, Domine'!  (cho)

              Copyright 1968 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors