Brother Christian

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 G                               C                    G
I'd have no complaint if Brother Christian would just stay
                                         A              D-D7
In his own church, or his own house, to worship his own way;
    G                           C                G
But out into the marketplace he feels obliged to go
                                 D               G
Despising everything in sight and telling people so.

         C                             G
And he's just another bully, when he pushes folks around;
       C                             A              D-D7
He's a bigger, badder bully--I don't want him in my town!
  G                                   C                G
I don't care what his reasons are for stomping you and me;
                                  D            G
But by his works I know him--and this is tyranny.

Now I'd not grumble much if Brother Christian just complained
And whined and nagged in public, though my patience would be strained;
But up into the City Hall he feels obliged to stray,
Demanding bans on everything that doesn't go his way.  (Cho)

I'd not raise my hand if Brother Christian would just bitch
For laws to censor everything that makes a body itch;
But on the Congress floor he feels obliged to take a stand:
To make his tastes and morals the one law of the land.  (Cho)

I'm tired of Brother Christian's tricks, and all his bigotry.
I'm tired of tight-ass morals that he tries to put on me;
I'm tired of politician fools who follow where he runs;
He wants to make a Christian world. Forget it--get the guns!

                    (c)1988 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors