Amateur Rebels

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     Dm                          G            Am
 1.  We call ourselves "Blake's Seven" with pride,
        Dm     F                          C
  (Ch) Cry confusion, backstabbing, and pluck!
              Dm                 F          C
     Though Blake has gone and three of us died.
       Dm       F         C        Dm
  (Ch) Amateur rebels, relying on luck!

 2.  When we first took the prison-ship o'er, (Ch)
     We could have held it if we'd thought more.  (Ch)

 3.  When the guards caught our friends dead-to-rights, (Ch)
     We should have cut off their air and their lights. (Ch)

 4.  When we came on the alien's dock, (Ch)
     We should have promptly sealed up the lock. (Ch)

 5.  Once we were free in that big Man-of-War, (Ch)
     We should have studied that ship a lot more.  (Ch)

 6.  When we came to our foe's hiding-place, (Ch)
    We should have stood off and shelled them from space.(Ch)

 7.  When to destroy their computer we tried, (Ch)
     We should have recalled that government lied. (Ch)

 8.  When the invaders' fleet we did find, (Ch)
    We should have gone 'round them and shot from behind.(Ch)

 9.  When my friend's arrow was ready to fly, (Ch)
     I should have shut up and let Servalan die. (Ch)
 10. When that I had my foe on her knees, (Ch)
     I gripped her throat -- why didn't I squeeze? (Ch)
 11. When I believed that Blake was alive, (Ch)
     I should have confided in the other five. (Ch)

 12. If he could see the blunders we brave, (Ch)
     Che' Guevara would spin in his grave.  (Ch)

 13. The question is not: "Where did we go wrong?" (Ch)
     The question is how we lasted this long.  (Ch)

                     (c) 8/8/86  Leslie Fish and Random Factors